#1 THING TO DO IN Calgary

Private Tour

Book a party bike! Private tours are great for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and small company outings (8-15 people). Your Pilot – a certified guru in the local bar scene – will put together the best pub crawl possible for you and your friends. If this sounds like your type of party, book a private tour today!

what’s included?

  • 1 party bike (seats 8-15 people)
  • 2 hours of fun in Calgary
  • 2-3 stops at local establishments
  • Drink specials at select bars

Cost: $599



All riders must provide photo ID at the time of tour, and each must read and sign the Pedal Pub® Release of Liability Waiver.

10 Pedal Pub "Pro Tips"
  1. Don’t show up drunk! We cannot allow anyone on board who shows up drunk.
  2. Complete the e-waiver prior to your tour date.
  3. Please arrive thirty minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.
  4. Feel free to bring your own water and/or snacks.
  5. Pre-stocked coolers may be purchased prior to your tour for your on-board enjoyment. Arrive 30 minutes early for purchase.
  6. Bring a fully-charged phone (for pictures, music, Uber rides).
  7. Have a “pick-up plan” for when your tour ends (no loitering).
  8. Sampling all the beers our brewery friends have to offer is fun, but not great use of our tour time. Arrive with a plan, or defer to the taproom experts!
  9. Drink responsibly and be respectful.
  10. Always listen to your Pilot!

inquire today


1. How many people can ride?

Each bike holds up to 15 people!

2. Who can ride?

All riders must be legal drinking age and must present valid identification.

3. What should I wear?

Please dress appropriately for the predicted weather conditions. We ride rain or shine, so dress accordingly. Closed-toe shoes or sandals – we don’t recommend heels!

4. Where does it start?

Check your route as each departure destination is specific to each tour.

5. When should I arrive?

Please arrive thirty minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

6. Do I tip?

Tips are always appreciated. If you had a great time, a standard service industry tip is customary. Automatic gratuity of 15% will be added to any tours involving multiple Pedal Pub bikes.

7. Is parking available?

Yes. Ample parking is available within a short distance of each departure site.

8. What is the weather policy?

We ride rain or shine, so please plan your outfit accordingly! If there is a severe weather warning, your Pilot will determine if it’s safe to continue. If your Pilot cancels the tour, you will be issued a rain cheque and may reschedule.

9. With is the cancellation policy?

Customers receive a raincheque if cancelled more than one week prior to the tour or a full refund greater than 2 weeks in advance. No refunds for cancellation within one week of the tour.

10. Can I decorate?

Absolutely! Decorations are welcome, provided they are socially-appropriate and don’t obstruct the view of your Pilot. Additionally, please note that we cannot cover our Pedal Pub logos or signs with decorations at any time.

11. Can I ride if I’m pregnant?

This is up to your discretion; if you have any concerns, we suggest checking with your doctor first.

12. What's included in the price?

Each two-hour tour includes a rad guide to get you laughing, dancing, fist-pumping, and belting out your favourite jams! You’ll also get promotional pricing on drinks and merchandise from our partner establishments, and of course transportation aboard your very own parade as we take you to some amazing spots!

13. How much does it cost?

Standard Private Tours for you and 14 friends cost $599, or approximately $40 per person. Standard Public Tours, great for groups of less than eight, are $50 per seat. Pedal Pub reserves to change pricing at its discretion.

14. I'm Gluten Free... is that ok?

First of all… damn, that sucks. What do you eat when you’re feeling sorry for yourself?! Your options are seriously limited… alas, they aren’t limited when you’re riding foot-loose and fancy-free aboard the Pedal Pub! In our pre-stocked coolers we keep a good inventory of gluten-free options such as canned vodka/sodas and delicious craft ciders – so fear not! The venues we will be visiting generally have a few great options as well, but that will differ depending on the establishment (some have GF beer, most have spirits, kombucha, etc.)