Do you have a birthday, bachelorette party, or date night coming up and are looking for things to do in Calgary? Instead of planning the usual outing or booking a crowded venue, consider taking a fun-filled excursion across town on your own party bike! Pedal Pub’s bike tours stop at some of Calgary’s top-rated attractions.

You’ll get to visit a unique mix of some of the area’s well-known bars, restaurants, and sightseeing destinations while you have fun pedaling and drinking with your friends and family.

friends cheersing on party bike


When it comes to entertainment, Calgary doesn’t disappoint! Our Beerless Leaders are here to make sure you get to experience everything Calgary has to offer. Enjoy some of the best Calgary sightseeing or nightlife attractions in our custom and private party bike tours. From the hip and trendy Beltline neighborhood to popular Calgary tourist attractions, such as the booming Inglewood-Ramsay district, our routes offer something for everyone!

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Most Popular Routes in Calgary

Our routes are always changing! Check out our Routes page for the most current list!

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Whether you’re planning a relaxing date night out on the town or throwing the ultimate birthday bash for your 18th, Pedal Pub has you covered. You can book one or multiple bikes for our private and custom tours, depending on your party size. Each bike can hold up to 15 people and is led by an experienced driver, familiar with the local bar scene and Calgary nightlife and attractions.

With so many new and unique bars, breweries, and sightseeing destinations opening up in Calgary, we’re always updating our routes and ensuring you get to see the very best of Calgary. Each bike tour stops at 2-3 local establishments.

Once you make your reservation, you’ll just need to have everyone from your group sign an e-waiver, and you’ll be ready to gather and go! Your Beerless Leader will be behind the wheel, navigating you through town while you pedal along, drink, and enjoy the ride.

Ready to book your next party bike tour for a date night, birthday party, bachelorette, or bachelor party? Find a Pedal Pub tour near you to get started today!

What people are saying

April 14, 2024

Ryder and Josh best ride possible , would definitely recommend having these two for the ride

April 06, 2024

Was a great experience! Josh and Amy were awesome guides

April 06, 2024

Amy and Josh were amazing. 12/10 dance moves.

March 20, 2024

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January 24, 2024

Amy and Andreana!!! Such an amazing team!