Frequently Asked Questions

group of friends riding the pedal pub bike in winnipeg
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  1. Do not show up drunk! We cannot allow anyone on board who shows up drunk.
  2. Complete the e-waiver prior to your tour date.
  3. Arrive up to 15-30 minutes early.
  4. Do not bring your own alcohol (it’s illegal).
  5. Feel free to bring your own water and/or snacks.
  6. Bring a fully-charged phone (for pictures, Uber etc)
  7. Have a “pick-up plan” for when your tour ends.
  8. Sampling all the beer our brewery friends have to offer is fun, but not a great use of your tour time. Arrive with a plan, or ask the taproom experts.
  9. Drink responsibly and be respectful.
  10. Always listen to your Pilot!
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How many people can ride?

Each bike holds up to 15 people!

What is the cost of a tour?

Each booking is a 2-hour fully private tour for up to 15 people. The more people you bring, the cheaper it is per person. On average, it is $40/person with a full bike. The more the merrier in our books!

Once weekly on Saturdays, we offer an individual seat tour.

Sunday – Thursday: $549/bike
Friday – Saturday: $599/bike

Saturday: $40/seat

Who can ride?

All riders must be of legal drinking age and must present valid identification.

What should I wear?

Please dress appropriately for the predicted weather conditions. We ride rain or shine, so dress accordingly. Closed-toe shoes or sandals – we don’t recommend heels!

What if I can’t pedal?

No problem! There are 5 non-pedaling spots on each bike.

Where does it start?

The starting location of each tour is in the Shaw Park parking lot on the corner of Waterfront Dr. and Lombard Ave.

Where does the tour go?

Each tour stops at 3 local bars/breweries. Our guests spend 30 minutes at each establishment, where they will purchase from a variety of beer, wine, cider or spirits. Your final stop on tour is your ending location.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

Do I tip my driver?

Tips are always appreciated. If you had a great time, a standard service industry tip is customary. Automatic gratuity of 15% will be added to any tours involving multiple Pedal Pub bikes.

Is parking available?

There is paid parking / street parking near where each tour departs.

Can I rent multiple bikes?

Yes, it is easy to rent multiple bikes! We have a total of 3 bikes here in Winnipeg, which means that we can accommodate groups of up to 45 people! To book a custom tour, please contact us directly at 204-995-5777, or submit an inquiry form.

What is the cancellation policy?

No refunds are issued for tours cancelled within seven days of the scheduled tour. Tours cancelled within 14 days may reschedule or receive a 50% refund. Tours cancelled greater than 14 days in advance are provided a full refund.

Once a tour has been rescheduled, this is considered a rain cheque booking and no refunds shall be issued.

Can I drink on the bike?

Our bikes are not licensed at this time; therefore, the drinks must be consumed at the bars. However, this doesn’t impact the enjoyment of the tour at all. We specialize in creating an energetic, fun-filled atmosphere that all our guests love and create a completely unique pub crawl experience like no other.