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Shane Dunn

Shane Dunn became a Partner and focuses on Franchise Development for Pedal Pub’s corporate team in 2017 and has served in that capacity since then. Previously, he founded and operated multiple tech firms. In 2004, he founded his first start up and successfully secured multiple rounds of funding that totaled $850,000. He then built marketing and sales systems before positioning the company for acquisition. His second venture began in 2010 as he founded and operated a digital marketing company that serviced clients across numerous industries.

Key Takeaways:

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[1:01] Josh introduces today’s guest, Shane Dunn of the Pedal Pub franchise system. Shane assists with franchise development and has served in that capacity since 2017.

[2:04] Josh welcomes Shane to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:48] Shane does a quick overview of how Pedal Pub came to be and how he got started with the business.

[7:22] Now with over 50 locations, Pedal Pub has transitioned from a licensee model to a franchise model.

[11:13] Realistically for Pedal Pub’s northern markets, there’s only about 7 months of business operation due to weather constraints.

[13:16] The franchising process for Pedal Pub took about nine months to make a strategic plan and execute their franchise documents.

[16:43] One of the biggest things Pedal Pub did when beginning their search for franchisees was invest in a reputable PR company that had proven connections they were targeting. At this point in their process, they have so many leads coming in, they can be really selective to find the right people who fit their model.

[20:01] One of the biggest challenges Pedal Pubs has faced is finding the balance between a license structure and a franchise structure. From an external standpoint, a challenge for them is working with city officials to be sure they meet the criteria for each new market’s ordinances.

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