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party bike ride

Revamp your traditional marketing approach

We offer businesses the unique chance to showcase their brand both nationally and locally, ensuring that your message reaches the right audiences in the most engaging manner. By partnering with local Pedal Pub owners, businesses can strategically place their ads on various parts of our iconic party bikes – be it on the barrel, the sides, the back, or even atop the barrel. This isn’t just static advertising; it’s a moving billboard, capturing attention as it cruises through the streets, making every pedal count for your brand.

The opportunities don’t stop there

Dive deeper into experiential marketing by tapping into our event marketing initiative. Here, our dedicated franchisees can attend various events, representing your brand and even handing out cans or promotional items for sponsors. Imagine the power of direct engagement, where our franchisees not only showcase but also interact, giving your brand a personal touch and deeper connection with potential customers.

In a world saturated with digital ads, Pedal Pub presents a refreshing and tangible advertising avenue, ensuring that your brand doesn’t just blend into the background but stands out, pedals ahead, and truly engages with the community. Let’s turn every ride into a marketing success story for your brand!

Advertising Opportunities on
Our Pedal Pub Bike

  • Full Barrel
  • Top of the Barrel
  • Sides of the Bike
  • Back of the Bike

Imagine the impact of your brand on the move through the city! Contact us today to take advantage of these advertising opportunities on our Pedal Pub bike and take your message to new horizons.


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