All the Cities You Can Book a “Bar on Wheels” for Your Bachelorette Party

party bike ride for bachelorette party

Want to get some exercise and drink with your besties—at the same time? Of course you do.

By Sophie Ross

If you’ve noticed a new trend sweeping the nation—and more specifically, the bachelor and bachelorette party scene—you’re not alone. Bars on wheels or “pedal pub party bikes” seem to be ubiquitous lately. Who doesn’t want to ride around with their crew and tour a new city while simultaneously drinking and exercising?

(You read that right—this is basically like a city tour, a bar crawl and a SoulCycle class all in one. What could be better?)

So if you’re having trouble deciding where to have your bachelorette party, this might sway your decision. Below are some popular destinations you can book one. Just remember to drink—and pedal—responsibly.

Austin, TX

“Keep Austin Weird” by whizzing around on a Pub Crawlerwith your crew. You might get some stares, but it’s probably because they’re jealous.

Nashville, TN

An ever-popular bachelorette destination, Nashville’s the perfect place to pop on a Pedal Tavern and ride down Broadway. Just imagine—you can take in the country tunes while simultaneously burning off some of that world-famous hot fried chicken.

Naples, FL

You might think of balmy beaches when you think of this city along Florida’s Gulf Coast, but thanks to Pub Cycle, it can be so much more than that. The great news is, you get to work up a sweat and take a dip in the ocean afterward to cool down.

Palm Springs, CA

If you’re dreaming of a desert bachelorette party, don’t forget to book a Social Cycle for you and your squad. It might be sunny out there, but at least you can feel the wind against your face on your private tour as you bike from bar to bar downtown.

Indianapolis, IN

Indiana might not be the first place that comes to mind for your bachelorette party, but if you want a city with a prime Midwestern location, no open container laws and the opportunity to ride down cobbleston streets on a “Handle Bar,” you’re in luck.
Find the full list of cities that offer Pedal Pub Party Bikes here.

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