Individual Seats

Book a seat! Individual seats are great for single-riders, date nights, and groups of fewer than 8 people. Your Pilot – a certified guru in the local bar scene – will put together the best pub crawl possible for you and your friends. If this sounds like your type of party, book an individual seat today! Any remaining seats will be open to sales to the public, so plan on making some new friends also.

what’s included?

  • 1 seat (on a 14-person party bike)
  • 2 hours of fun in Downtown Savannah
  • 3-4 stops at local establishments
  • Drink specials at select bars

Cost: $35 Per Person



All riders must provide photo ID at the time of the tour, and each must read and sign the Pedal Pub® Release of Liability Waiver.

11 Pedal Pub "Pro Tips"
  1. Riders must remain seated while the bike is in motion; cheeks in seats!
  2. NO SMOKING on the bikes.
  3. Do not bring coolers or backpacks full of booze. We cannot store or serve any alcohol on the bike.
  4. All drinks must be in a plastic cup, no cans or bottles.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes; trust me now, and thank me later.
  6. Everyone must pedal, or you will be shamed and mocked until you do.
  7. No littering. All of our bikes have a trash can on board.
  8. Must be respectful of other tours and pedestrians.
  9. Inside voices while on the bike, everyone can see and hear everything you’re doing.
  10. Your driver is your guide, concierge, DJ, and camp counselor; listen to them and follow their
  11. Our drivers can and will remove you from the tour if you are not behaving like an adult.

inquire today


1. How many people can ride?

Minimum of 6, maximum of 14

2. Who can ride?

Everyone can ride. If you have a person under 21, you must purchase the VIP Full Bike rental, and have at least 6 people for a tour. If there is a minor on board, there can be NO ALCOHOL on the bike, and anyone under 16 must wear a helmet while the bike is in motion.

3. What should I wear?

Please dress appropriately for the predicted weather conditions. We ride rain or shine, so dress accordingly.
Closed-toe shoes or sandals – leave your heels at home ladies.

4. What if I can’t pedal?

No problem! There are 4 non-pedaling spots on each bike.

5. Where does it start?

Telfair Academy of Arts & Sciences in Telfair Square

6. When should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time to ensure your entire group is there and ready to roll.

7. Do I tip my driver?

Tips are always appreciated. If you had a great time, a standard service industry tip is customary.

8. Is parking available?

There is a parking garage less than a block from our pick up and drop off location.

Robinson Parking Garage
132 Montgomery St.
Savannah GA 31401

9. Can I rent multiple bikes?

No, we only have 1 bike at this time.

10. What is the cancellation policy?

No refunds are issued for tours cancelled within 13 days of the scheduled tour. Tours cancelled within 14 days may reschedule or receive a 50% refund. Tours cancelled greater than 14 days in advance are provided a full refund.

Routes to book