As the only North American party bike franchise, we are unmatched when it comes to experience, quality, systems, and scale. As a result, our franchisees have exclusive access to:

An Elite Peer Network

You can tap the expertise of dozens of top-quality franchise operators and licensees who’ve been in business for more than a decade.

Regulatory Expertise

We’ve established mutually beneficial relationships with city officials throughout the country, and we have deep experience in regulatory and safety issues.


Pedal Pub Franchisees have access to our umbrella insurance policy that carries a minimum of $1 million in general liability insurance.


We did the hard work and test-drove the top booking, texting and review software, as well as some new innovations. You are getting access to years of experience to help you get set up with the best tech infrastructure including pilot scheduling, electronic waivers, a clean booking and conversion interface, seamless texting and customer reviews that manage the customer experience. All of it is locked, loaded and personalized to your location in an architecturally optimized website ready the day of your grand opening.

Comprehensive Training

Whether you work with our team or industry partners, you always know that everyone around you is there to make you better and help you succeed. Held at our Nashville location, the most successful party bike operation in the world, our week long training will ensure that you hit the ground pedaling.

Group Negotiation

Our network size translates into local and national marketing resources to help build buzz, spur sales and drive profits for your business. We’ve proven our ability to attract tourists, drive traffic to small businesses, provide high-wage jobs and earn valuable media coverage. We have the buying power to negotiate exclusive deals with major industry vendors, including booking software, merchandise suppliers and more.

Complete Digital Marketing Platform

We work with leaders in the franchise industry for digital marketing, creative branding and public relations. This cohesive team of communications and marketing professionals has worked to develop beautiful and consistent branding, digital marketing assets to help you thrive in your local market and a media machine to help you launch your franchise successfully.


Please complete the following request for information as long as the following applies to your situation:

  • At least $75,000.00 available of liquid cash for investment purposes
  • A minimum of a 680 Credit Score
  • A track record of successful business ownership, or leadership

Upon completion of the form, you will get an immediate email from us, with a link to our online Opportunity Video that will cover a lot of ground for you. If you don’t receive that email right away, please check your junk or spam folder.

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