From the Driver’s Seat

friends pedaling on party bike

pedal pub chartWe get asked all the time, “what should I expect when I go on a Pedal Pub tour?”. The easy answer is, “well – every tour is different”… and it is – but what you can definitely expect is a hyperlocal, crazy fun, shared experience. We live at that intersection. Ok, so what does that mean.

Hyper-Local – we are going to radically change the way that people experience their city. Refreshing the views of Local Restaurants, Local Breweries, Local Wineries, Local Events. So when you aim to tackle Columbus’ booming bar scene – the absolute BEST way to do so is with you, 14 friends, open air, and a playlist to pedal to – that’s when I start thinking, “ok, that starting to sound crazy fun!”.

Crazy Fun – have you ever sat at a pub, a club, a picnic, a barbecue, a bar mitzvah, a cd release party, a retirement party, an engagement party, an – ok… you get the picture. Well, have you ever been in a group with all your buddies and you can set your watch to it – you know that if/when Shania Twain comes on, Ol’ Skinny (likely not skinny) will jump out of his chair and start belting out his best rendition – or you’re standing around a fire, and for some odd reason there’s an awkward silence, everyone turns their head to Julie to break into the next story/ballad/drinking game… And hey – if you can’t picture that person, it’s likely you. In any event – a Pedal Pub features 15 seats tailor-made for this type of big presence, head-turning, crazy fun, great time.

Shared Experience – there’s two types of people in this world: the people who feel uncomfortable laughing out loud when watching Dumb and Dumber alone; and the people who lie and say they feel just fine laughing solo. One thing everyone can agree on is that watching it together is just. that. much. better. Well, a Pedal Pub tour is somehow much, much greater than the sum of its parts. Does it have kickass music? Yes. Does it take you to the city’s best spots? Yes. Does it feature a tour guide capable of turning water into wine? Well… maybe. I guess you’ll have to see. But what’s important here is having a great time is better with friends. The more the merrier. And when you can all get your fists pumping at the same cadence as your beer drinking and pedal pushing? Oh man… that’s magic.

But don’t take our word for it – check us out. We’ll be taking our patio all over town as soon as the snow melts.